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Sponge Bob

One day, a person named Sponge Bob have many money, so in school when he gets in trouble his dad always use money to escape trouble, but one day, when he fight with a person called Krabby Patty, then his dad didn’t pay money, because his dad wants to let Sponge Bob think what does it cost, so that time he got in truble, then he was scared, so he never fight again, then one day, somebody wants to fight with him, so he had to defend, so he fighted, then he didn’t got in truble, and the princabel is not mad at him, then the teachers are nice to him!

When he growed up he became very famous, because he saved the world and but he didn’t care about him self.

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On May 3th/2007, our class went to camp.  When we got to the camp place, we ate lunch and then we played a game called “Bubble Gum”, then we got camp fire.

At the camp fire, we cooked marshmellow and we ate it with chocolate cookie, then Nara tought us a story, and then we went to sleep.

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The Devil Dobie

Once Upon a time there was a village called Richy, because all of the people were very rich except for a person called Zack. Zack was poor. His parents had died 30 years ago. No one would give him some money, even one dollar! He ate grasshoppers to survive everyday. He did not have a home.

One day, Zack met a person called Snape. Snape said, “If you come with me, you can be very strong.” Snape turned and walked away slowly.
 “I want to be strong,” thought Zack. Therefore, Zack followed Snape into a castle in a forest. He learned lots of fighting skills from Snape. At last Zack said, “Thankyou my master. I want to go out to the town and help the people in Richy. I think they will give me money after I help them.”

Snape agreed to let Zack go. When Zack was in the village, he asked a blacksmith is he could make steel armor, a steel sword, a steel shield, and a steel scabbard for free. The blacksmith agreed to make everything. Cling! Cling! Cling! The sound of the steel screamed. The next day, it was finished! Zack wore all of the things that the blacksmith made.

A few weeks later, everyone was worried because there was an alien called Dobie, that came to a farm. When Zack heard this, hat he said to his master, that he would help the people in Richy, so Zack went to find Dobie.

The next day, he saw a U.F.O among some crops, and he went into the U.F.O. He was shocked to see a horrid creature with a head as big as a ricebasket. Dobie took out his bronze dagger and prepared to attack. Likewise, Zack took out his steel shield and his steel sword. They began to fight. First, Dobie cut off a bit of Zack’s skin. Next, Zack fell down, red juicy blood came out from his illness. He flipped over and over until he turned into a wolf. He forgot that Snape put a spell on Zack so when Zack got hurt, he would become a wolf.

Zack bit Dobie and said, “Get out of Richy, otherwise I am going to kill YOU!”

After that Zack turned back into a human. At that time Dobie called his alien friend to pick him up. When Dobie was gone, Zack went back to the town. Everyone was cheering for him and throwing coins on him. After that he was very famos and he became the richest person in Richy!!!

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