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札記… 2014 Prom Night

為了今晚的 prom,除了去玩樂外,還有參與表演。一下課接了小人,回家梳洗後,就開始馬不停蹄的穿梭在市區的大街小巷,也感謝女兒耐心的陪著媽媽來回奔波。

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My Little Ones

Hey Andrea~
I can’t believe you’re celebrating your 15th birthday!
Happy birthday my beloved sister, Andrea!
Ever since you were little, taking care of you has been a pain in the butt.
I still remember the times when you have always had this thing with not smiling, and I was always the one who had to cheer you up.
It is really nice having you as my sister.
Now that you’re a freshman in high school, you have completely changed and become more independent.
I am not good writing these long and heartfelt paragraphs as I am normally a brother of few words.
You’re a year older and I know for a fact that you can accomplish and fight through any new challenges that may arise.
Keep your smile on and have a Happy 15th Birthday!
– Alex

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