Off the Grid 之 Cupertino

原本在這時間是不會出現在Cupertino的,兒子的study group結束的晚,接了他在返家的途中,兩個孩子不約而同地發現food trucks的身影。主婦雖然出門前已將晚餐的材料備妥,但是這也是可變通的不是嗎?馬上在下個路口迴轉來瞧瞧。

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誒… Pokémon GO讓我淪陷了


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暑假生活 part II


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Hey Andrea!

You are about to graduate in a few hours! Congratulations!

Sorry I cannot attend your graduation because I am still in school, but I hope you enjoy it either way.

I hope you have learned a lot through your time at TAS.

Getting your high school diploma is only a small step towards greater responsibility as it will expose more of the world to you, but I am sure you are ready to face more challenges. 🙂

I found a picture of us at your kindergarten graduation and thought it could be a great replacement for your high school one haha.

See you in less than two weeks in Santa Cruz!
– Alex

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所謂人算不如天算,期末一直都是主婦最忙的時候。(誒… 是說主婦既沒上學,又沒考試,是在跟人家期末忙什麼?)

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